‘Game of Thrones’ Dragons Are Scientifically Legit, According To Neil deGrasse Tyson

Nerd alert! The genius physicist explains what the fantasy series gets right.

Game of Thrones Dragon
Image: Game of Thrones

Famed astrophysicist and proud nerd sex symbol Neil deGrasse Tyson just broke down the science behind the fire-spewing dragons in Game of Thrones, and hardcore fans are gonna be psyched. 

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Neil dropping science with Seth MacFarlane.

Well, he was as comprehensive as one can be in 140-character tweets—the dude obviously has more important science-ey shit to do. 

First, he took a look at wingspans. They were deemed “sensibly large” based on the load they’d have to carry, unlike the “aerodynamically useless” wings of Renaissance-era Cherubs. 

After giving them a pass in physics depatment, he looked at the magnificent reptilian creatures from the standpoint of evolutionary biology.

“Good Biology in GameOfThrones,” he wrote. “As in LordOfTheRings, Dragons forfeited their forelimbs to make wings, like birds & bats” 

He also weighed in on the ice dragon’s blue-hued breath, which he estimated to be “at least a factor of 3X hotter than RedDragon breath.” 

In deGrasse’s expert opinion, much of GoT’s dragon depictions are scientifically sound. He did, however, take issue with manner in which wights’ pulled a dragon out of a lake. 

“Chains need to be straight, and not curve over hill and dale,” he tweeted. Nerd alert!  

Some people just have to ruin everything. 

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