The New “Batman: Arkham Origins” Trailer Will Knock You Off Your Feet

And then drop a shipping container on you.

And then drop a shipping container on you.

Ever since our first disastrous attempt to be Batman in real life ended with getting arrested for second degree battery of a carnival worker (it was an honest mistake), we’ve settled for playing the Dark Knight in video games, and there’s no Bat-game we play more than Arkham City. As the benchmark for all superhero games, there’s a lot riding on the upcoming third game in the series, particularly since development of the game was shifted from original creators Rocksteady to Warner Bros. Games Montreal. Going by this new trailer, however, it seems like they’ve at least nailed the cinematic aspect of it: We’d happily watch an entire movie of this:

We’ve written before about the game’s plot revolving around Batman’s first meeting with several deadly assassins, and while we’re glad that we were right about them including Deadshot (although let’s face it, that was a gimme), we’re still dying to know who else is going to make the cut. Besides Black Mask when he inevitably tortures someone to death, that is.

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