The NFL Big Five – Week 6

The undefeated look to stay that way while the Browns look for…anything.

The new NFL week is here and with it comes chaos. Fortunately, Maxim is here to help you navigate these uncharted waters with five predictions that will undoubtedly (or just maybe) come true.

Big Upset

This is likely not news to anybody who reads our site (or follows sports in any capacity), but it REALLY sucks to be a Clevelander, and the conductor on that pain-train is most definitely the Browns. Pat Shurmur hasn’t been able to bring home a win this season and the Dawg Pound is foaming at the mouth after squandering a 14 point lead last week at the Giants. This week they’ll take on state-side rivals Cincinnati who make the lengthy trip to C-town. Trent Richardson has proven himself as a competent and elusive back, but he may not spend too much time on the field without some leadership. Which brings us to the…

Big Performance

Brandon Weeden is a confusing case. Not just because he is 26, married, an ex-Yankee, and yet- still a rookie. Excluding a dismal performance in week one, the quarterback has been decent. He’s shown he has a big arm, pocket presence, as well as great vision. That is, until it’s time to deliver. Weeden has made a habit of coughing up the ball when the pressure is on (to be fair, the pressure is usually when you are the Browns). If this “rookie” can batten down the hatches and make better decisions, he could make a real impact on Sunday.

Big Flop

Ahmad Bradshaw put in a 200 yard performance against the aforementioned Browns last week, but he faces a very different defense this week. One that features a terrifying man-beast by the name of Patrick Willis. If the Giants are looking to run the ball consistently to take pressure off the pass, they are probably going to be looking at a day full of third and long.

Big Storyline

The Texans and Falcons are still without a loss and looking to cruise to another sweet W this week. The Falcons shouldn’t struggle with a fledgling Raiders team, but looking forward they’ll need to step up their run D or LeSean McCoy is going to run all over them in week 7. Look for them to be real tough on Darren McFadden. Houston will have to also prove that they are for real this week against the struggling Packers, because beating the Jets at this point means next to nothing.

Big Stinker

The Chiefs will visit the Bucs this week for a game that has 10-7 written all over it. Jamaal Charles started the season slowly but has blossomed into a real threat. Unfortunately, he can’t do much stranded on an island of suck. The Bucs seem to be able to stay in games, but are unable to finish them. After this week, these teams will have three wins COMBINED through six weeks. Which team wins? Neither team, really.

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