‘On The Roam’ Trailer: Jason Momoa Hits The Road To Meet America’s Greatest Artisans

The “Aquaman” star rides across the country to meet craftsmen, motorcycle fabricators, musicians and athletes in a new Max Original.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa recently collaborated with Harley Davidson on a rugged retro biker jacket with his On the Roam style brand, and now the burly actor is branching out further with the Max Original docuseries On The Roam, in which Momoa connects with some of America’s most intriguing artisans.

(Harley-Davidson and On The Roam by Jason Momoa)

The eight-episode series debuts with two episodes on Max on January 18, leading up to a February 8 season finale. Max details the Discovery Channel-produced show with a plot synopsis here:

Produced by production company On the Roam, the series follows Momoa as he travels across the country to meet the extraordinary individuals blazing their own path – from craftsmen, to motorcycle fabricators, musicians to athletes. Momoa has spent his entire life taking the road less traveled and surrounding himself with men and women like those masters of their own passion who are introduced in the series, individuals on an endless quest to make a difference in their field and the lives around them. 

In engaging with those who share his love and passion for the craft, he explores not just their unique trade or skill, but a deeper way of seeing the world through their eyes. It is a journey of intention – an endless quest with purpose and celebrating those who make a difference in the world around them.

“On the Roam is an endless quest for me to discover extraordinary people and places. I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Discovery on this journey,” said Momoa in a statement announcing the series.

Watch the first official trailer for On the Roam above.