See How Massive Pablo Escobar’s Multi-Billion Dollar Fortune Actually Was

“Narcos” doesn’t need to be entirely fiction to be completely jaw-dropping.

From the new breakout Narcos, to last month’s The Infiltrator, 2016 is the year of the Pablo Escobar revival. And with how much wealth and power this historic Columbian drug lord actually had, who can blame us for our fascination?

Seeing the cocaine baron’s fantasy-sized wealth, famously said to include a $1,000 a week budget for just rubber bands alone, RealLifeLore made a visualization video to show just how massive his drug cartel actually was.

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Starting with the mind blowing fact that adjusting for inflation, Escobar’s net worth was $30 billion USD, it only gets crazier from there in this look at the richest criminal of all time.

By controlling 80 percent of the world’s cocaine supply in 1989, his cartel would pay pilots $500,000 a flight by using an island in the Bahamas as a midway point to south Florida.

Basically, his cartel was so big that if it were a legal company today, it would be a Fortune 500 company.

Move over, El Chapo.

h/t Hypebeast