Paula Deen Claims She Invented The Donut Burger, In Least Surprising News Ever

But does she really own this burger behemoth?

But who really owns this burger behemoth?

Butter lobbyist and Sexiest Chef on TV, Paula Deen made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday night and revealed that she is responsible for the monster that is the Donut Burger. She calls it the “Lady Brunch Burger,” because everybody knows there’s nothing a true lady loves more than a 1,800-calorie burger at noon on a Sunday.

While no one is particularly shocked by this declaration (seriously, she made a crack about the hardness of her arteries in the clip), we are calling shenanigans on the deep-fried diva. Our probing and airtight journalism previously unearthed that this burger was named the “Luther burger” after Luther Vandross, who was a fan of the decadent sandwich. Unfortunatey, the soul man has passed and therefore cannot defend his honor.

So this debate shall rage on, and to that we say – shut up. We’re eating.

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