Prym Rum

We’re writing in our rum diary today.

Today’s Buzz is a modern take on rum, straight out of Brooklyn and South Carolina (a great combo), Prym

Prym Rum is the type of spirit you can enjoy on the rocks with a cube of sugar. On first sip, it has a strong oaky taste with a huge hint of banana, but once you start sipping more, lots of creamy vanilla notes hit your palate for a more sophisticated rum experience. Prym goes great in the standard rum cocktails – mojitos and daiquiris included – but is also tasty served with Prosecco, coffee, and even beer. Check out their recipes here

Prym’s motto is “Prym, not proper,” and the brand aims to reach all kinds of people, not just pirates or fancypants. That’s cool with us, but we still really love pirates.

If you’re in NYC March 4th, you should check out Prym’s Don’t Feed the Models event at Sons of Essex for an artistic, sexy, and slightly strange eating and drinking experience.