Rocky IV Gets the 30 for 30 Treatment and It Will Break You

Watch a lowly boxer from Philly singlehandedly end the Cold War. 

A few weeks ago,College Humor put out a fantastic 30 for 30 parody of childhood classic Angels in the Outfield, which is one of those movies you should never re-watch as an adult lest you realize how absolutely atrocious it is. Now, College Humor is back with its take on Rocky IV, a movie that’s so unrealistic it makes curveball hitting ghosts seem pretty plausible.

Treating the 1985 fantasy sports film like it’s real is what makes this parody so damn good. A marble-mouthed moron from Philly ending the Cold War? Punches thrown so hard that they cause a guy’s head to snap back even when they miss? A highly partisan crowd of Soviet drones turning on their hero mid-fight? Rocky IV is a movie so ridiculous that a walking, talking sex robot is the least absurd thing about it.

Photos by Everett Collection