Ron Santa Teresa

This ain’t no Shy Ronnie…

This ain’t no Shy Ronnie

Brand: Ron Santa Teresa

Ever wonder what a pirate at Christmas tastes like? 


Now you don’t have to anymore because we’re telling you it tastes like this rum from Heaven. Actually it’s from Venezuela, which might as well be the same thing. 

This complex liquor has notes of chocolate, fruits, and honey, which in our opinion, gives it a bit of that holiday taste we mentioned before. However, flavors of wood, leather, and tobacco also fill the palate so it’s pretty daaaaaaaaarrrrn piratey too.


For once, we don’t recommend drinking this stuff straight unless you’re a super experienced rum drinker, as it has quite the burn when it goes down. Substitute Santa Teresa in a variety of traditionally whiskey cocktails, such as a Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Puts a tropical twist on it, don’t ya think?


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