Watch Ronda Rousey Brawl and Get Shot in This Scene From ‘Blindspot’

It’s the next best thing to that rumored ‘Road House’ remake.

Ronda Rousey knows how to fight, and in her turn as a tough con on NBC’s Blindspot, the former UFC queen shows that she can blend that aggressive persona honed in the Octagon with her acting—along with some pretty killer fight choreography.

In the episode in which she fights show lead Jaime Alexander with skill equal to that character’s own special forces-style abilities, it’s clear that the only way to stop Ronda’s weapons trafficking Devon Penberthy—with a gun.

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Apparently her character isn’t killed off, but a bullet to the shoulder certainly gives her bloody pause. But hey, at least we get to see a decent fight scene and even some judo throws in the clip above. 

One thing seems clear: Ronda Rousey was born for action like this. While there has been speculation about her returning to the UFC, you have to wonder why she would risk another brutal knockout loss. In the Blindspot fight scene, the camera’s doing a lot of the work and every move has been worked out beforehand. And the money is about the same.

We’re fine with Ronda out of the ring and on the screen. Now when is that stalled Road House remake happening?