Ronda Rousey Accidentally Made a Sex Joke — And Played it Off Perfectly

Just one more reason we love the UFC star.

The unlucky few who haven’t yet been baptized in the church of Ronda Rousey may wonder what it is about the UFC star that has so many people so enamored. Allow us to demonstrate.

Here’s a clip of Rousey at a press conference earlier this week answering a question about Holly Holm, the next woman she’ll obliterate in the octagon. Asked about Holm’s boxing prowess, Rousey begins a rote answer that no one would have ever revisited had she not accidentally unleashed a bit of sexual innuendo and then called herself on it (the giggles begin at 0:35). 

What makes this clip great is not what Rousey said, but how she reacted, which was something like an embarrassed 12-year-old. It was totally immature, which is totally endearing. And, if we’re being honest, totally how we’d react.

And that in a nutshell is why people love Rousey. Not only is she a confident, dominant athlete who’s incredibly easy on the eyes, but she seems like a real person. When we’re talking celebrities, those are rare.