Ronda Rousey’s Next Opponent Is The “Entourage” Movie

The UFC star is taking on all of Hollywood, one movie at a time, so let’s remember her Maxim cover shoot.

It’s been a hell of a busy time for former Maxim cover girl Ronda Rousey. After capping off the filming of The Expendables 3 and Fast and Furious 7 with a decisive victory over rival Miesha Tate at UFC 168, you’d think the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion would take a break – but you’d be wrong. It’s just been announced that Warner Bros has enlisted the arm-busting beauty for a role in the long-awaited Entourage movie, as well as a starring turn in the yet-to-be-written Athena Project. The latter is an adaptation of Brad Thor’s novel, which follows a counter-terrorism team tracking down a group that sets off a bomb in Rome that kills American civilians, so if you were worried that Rousey might be giving up her ass-kicking ways, the news should help to reassure you.

If you can’t wait for those movies – or her next fight, against Sara McMann at UFC 170 on February 22 – then you can always check out Ronda Rousey’s super-sexy Maxim photo shoot. It’s okay, we won’t tell her.,AAABnwxt8sE~,TdyFq09iMr7kioKT_wX2C8w8xLyk5_f2&bctid=2577107396001

Photos by Maxim by Stephan Wurth | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014