Scarlett Johansson is Super-Hot in the New Trailer for “Under the Skin”

So, basically, business as usual.

We’ve been looking forward to this spring’s Under the Skin for a while now. And not just because it seems like a totally intriguing sci-fi mindbender from Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer. Sure, that’s one reason. But it’s not the reason. THIS IS THE REASON.

And now we can get even more excited, because there’s a brand-new trailer out this week, and if you like Scarlett Johansson, you’re in for a treat. (And if you don’t like her, you should go get that checked out immediately.)

In the movie, ScarJo plays an alien who inhabits the body of a recently deceased woman, and then uses the host’s body as a vehicle to hunt, seduce, and murder the men of Glasgow. Hot!

Check out the new trailer below, then get back to figuring out what you’re going to buy your girlfriend (who is not Scarlett Johansson) for Valentine’s Day, and try not to cry.