Science Proves That Just Tasting Beer Gets You High

Man’s greatest invention just keeps getting better.

Man’s greatest invention just keeps getting better.

According to science professors writing for the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology (great bathroom reading), just the taste of beer unleashes dopamine in the male brain. The hormone most closely associated with reward (and addiction!), dopamine is basically your brain’s party juice. Whether you’re stuffing your face with shame pizza or blowing the devil’s dandruff off the corpse of a one-legged clown, you better believe dopamine is involved.

In the study, the researchers sprayed a sports drink, water, and the participants’ favorite beer into their waiting mouths. Never using enough liquid to bring on the standard effects of alcohol, the scientists found that just the mere taste of beer unleashed more dopamine in the brain than either of the two controlling liquids. Guinea pigs also showed an increased desire to drink alcohol after being hit with the spray, probably because, well, no shit.

We’re just hoping that we’ll soon get to see some security camera footage of guinea pigs doing stuff like this:

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