Simon Pegg Shows Off Shredded New Look For Role in Upcoming Thriller

The actor says his weight loss caused “occasional grumpiness.”

Getty Images

Just call him Shaun of the Shred. That’s right, Simon Pegg doesn’t look anything like the nerdy, zombie-killing salesman he played in Shaun of the Dead anymore

The British comedian underwent a drastic six-month body transformation in preparation to star in a new movie titled Inheritance, and he’s absolutely yoked. 

Nick Lowler, Pegg’s personal trainer, shared a shirtless pic of the 49-year-old actor that revealed his rock-hard physique.  

“The brief for this role was lean, VERY lean,” Fowler tweeted. “It required a specific body shape & look.”

Pegg retweeted the photo, adding that the process caused “occasional mild grumpiness.” We believe it. 

According to Deadline, Inheritance “explores what happens when the patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his wife and daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy their lives.”

Pegg recently reprised his role as IMF technician Benji Dunn in the highly acclaimed M:I installment Mission: Impossible – Fallout

But when he first joined the cast of the franchise in 2006’s Mission Impossible: III, he was “lost, and unhappy, and an alcoholic.” 

“When I watch that film back, I can see where I was then, which was fairly lost, and unhappy, and an alcoholic,” he told The Guardian in a recent interview. 

 “I hid it,” he added. “I’m an actor, so I acted…all the fucking time.”

Pegg got sober while shooting the movie’s 2011 follow-up, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. He says that eagle-eyed viewers can spot his physical changes throughout the movie. 

“We always laugh about it when we watch the movie. Try it! You’ll be like: ‘Fuck, he’s got cheekbones suddenly!'”

He can now add six-pack abs and blasted pecs to that list of impressive features. Still, let’s hope he gets a nice piece of cake or burger once the shooting for Inheritance is over.