Snoop Dogg Is Launching His Own Weed Line, Leafs By Snoop

Maxim brings you a behind-the-scenes look at last night’s launch party. 

On Monday night, I boarded a party bus in downtown Denver with a gaggle of other journalists. We sat facing each other, backs to the walls, like they do on military transport planes—or so I’ve heard. Eventually, we reached a big house on a suburban cul de sac, grabbed drinks, and waited for something big to happen.

Soon enough, Snoop Dogg entered, padding up the beige-carpeted spiral staircase. He’s so tall and slender, he appears to glide when he walks. After he said a few words, a video played and a gold curtain pulled back revealing his new pot brand, Leafs By Snoop, which goes on sale Tuesday in Colorado dispensaries. “Sample it responsibly,” he said. “As responsibly as you can.”

Leafs By Snoop offers an unusually wide-ranging product line which includes “hand-weighed” bud—which you’re now supposed to call “flower”—in eighth, quarter and one ounce increments, plus edibles and high-THC concentrates. “Since I’ve been at the forefront of this movement for over 20 years now, I’m a master of marijuana. So naturally, my people can trust that I picked out the finest, freshest products in the game,” he boasted of his line. “Let’s medicate, elevate and put it in the air!”

Snoop presided over a table heavy with jars of pot. “Let’s load and pass,” he said, as he started packing pipes. “Anybody want to go to California?” he asked as he held up a bowl, and someone quickly grabbed it. Snoop took a pull, did a little wiggle, then clinked pipes with the guy next to him. At one end of the table, three women in Leafs By Snoop tops rolled Swisher Sweets blunts over bronze-colored platters. 

When Snoop ducked out to the bar, a group of women cornered him.

“Are you going to sing too a little?”

“Come on. Come on.” 

“Oh my god, ‘Gin and Juice.’”

“At least sing, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot.’”

“I would bust a move if you did ‘Gin and Juice,’ because let me tell you that was my only request for the DJ at my wedding.”

“I could do parts of it with you,” she volunteered.

“Actually if you sing ‘The Next Episode’ I could probably rap it with you.”

“All I want you to say is,” another woman deepened her voice, “Smoke weed every day.”

“Put your dancing shoes on,” he told everyone as he left to take pictures.

In the bud bar room, Ian Dumpert, a floppy-haired geneticist who works at the dispensary chain LivWell appraised one of the strains with unfakeable enthusiasm. “It’s nice and tight. All frost, no calyx, which is actually the leafy part. On the front end of it it’s kind of limey and citrusy. That’s OG Kush right there. A lot of people’s OG gets hidden in that skunky oakiness,” he said. “In the original, OG Kush had that kind of key lime on top of it, that’s it right there.”

“Old school, mid-nineties, L.A. S[an] F[ernando] V[alley] Kush,” he added.

Meanwhile, at the end of the table, the women kept rolling joints. Mixed Berry Cap’n Crunch, white chocolate bark, and Frito pie served in Fritos bags held off everyone’s munchies.

Lauren Davis, a marijuana lawyer with curly red hair and black glasses, examined the packaging for the Leafs By Snoop gourmet chocolate bars. She liked it as a recreational product, but said it would be too hard for someone with multiple sclerosis to open. She picked up another container and futzed with it before deciding, “this one’s Lauren proof.”

Snoop posed for meet and greets with a politician’s gift for feigned intimacy, “Jack Black in the house!” he said to me. (Snoop suggested that your correspondent looks like Jack Black. Maybe, from a certain angle.) Then he manned the laptop for a crowd-pleasing set—Elvis, Bruno Mars, some of his own—playing for longer than he had to. And then he ducked back downstairs, another hustler looking for his piece of the Green Rush.

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