Someone Made an Enormous Animated Dick Tower in Fallout 4

It took 20 hours to erect. 

As if there’s not already a ton of stuff to do in Fallout 4, this YouTuber has taken it to the next level by building an impressive “Tower of Flesh.” Sounds impressive, and vaguely related to Hellraiser’s Cenobites, right? You’re kind of on the right track. It’s actually a giant picture of a dick. An animated one, to be exact — complete with ejaculation. 

SauciestSausage (how fitting) took 20 hours out of his life to create an enormous tribute to all things trouser snake, with the structure requiring several power lines, a massive amount of power to keep it all afloat, and a whole lot of tedious working and reworking to get it all right. The enormous structure is as large as Fallout 4 will allow, and each step of the animation is powered by its own special node. The animation is arranged via the control room built into the structure, and several switches must be pulled at precisely the right moment to get everything in sync.

Then it’s time to pull the switch, which is a huge drain on resources for the game itself, but why wouldn’t it be? This is an ridiculous undertaking with a whole lot of thought behind it, and all for the almighty dick pic. You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty damn impressive. Check it all out below, set to the dulcet tones of Genesis.