Meet the Marketing Mastermind Who Wants to Transform the Music Industry

Sourmatt, seen here with rapper Soulja Boy, is elevating the hip-hop marketing game.

Sourmatt Promo 1

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The ever-changing music industry appears to be evolving at an even faster rate with the rise of digital distribution and influx of social media strategies. 

But Sourmatt, a trailblazing new type of creative director, stays afloat as he controls the strings of the hip-hop marketing game.

Born in New York, and extremely well-traveled, Sourmatt has harnessed his connections to create an advantage in a business many are having difficulties navigating.

Sourmatt credits much of his success to his travels and the last last decade he spent living abroad. Navigating Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean gave him the opportunity to meet many like-minded entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, covering a scope of just about everything from fashion to his personal passion, music.

Returning to America just two years ago, Sourmatt brought back a new mindset and introduced an innovative, creative and brand “synthesis” approach to marketing. 

Sourmatt (L) and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. 

His unique method allows brands to generate content organically while simultaneously empowering young artists. A strategy that he first tested in the regulated markets of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis has proven solid as he now expands to new realms such as fashion, food and travel.

Sourmatt stresses that collaborations should be unpaid and aims to organically create product placement with up-and-coming artists that he believes in. 

For example, instead of paying a young rapper to post on social media about a specific brand, he would encourage the brand to facilitate studio time for the artist in hopes that the artist would reciprocate and include the brand’s product in either an Instagram post or even an upcoming music video.

This strategy has sustained success, as it truly benefits everyone in the deal and works as a sort of incubator system. The brand simply reallocates their marketing funds to gain exposure and empower fresh talent in the industry.

Currently, Sourmatt has a project in the works with Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Italian producer, Sick Luke. 

He plans to travel with Hoodrich Pablo Juan to Italy in the upcoming weeks to shoot a music video that he will be executive producing. This music video will also feature Italian rappers Capo Plaza and Dark Polo Gang.