Watch How ‘South Park’ Roasted Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest

J.J. Abrams gets clowned on too in the hilarious Season 20 opener.

With its season 20 opening salvo no one should assume South Park has lost a step. The premiere episode, “Member Berries” took on multiple targets: Colin Kaepernick’s protests of the National Anthem, the presidential race, and J.J. Abrams’s way with rebooting various longstanding franchises. 

In the South Park universe, Kaepernick’s statement has spread to the elementary school level, only the girls at South Park Elementary are protesting internet harassment from a troll everyone (naturally) assumes is Eric Cartman. Media coverage has turned the protests themselves into the main event—and a crisis—so naturally the government engages J.J. Abrams to “reboot” the way Americans respond to the anthem. 

There are some unexpected twists in the storyline and precisely aimed jabs at hyperbolic US media coverage as well as both candidates for president, all pulled off in classic South Park style.

If you missed out, you can head to South Park Studios online and watch the premiere for yourself now.

h/t USA Today