This Fan-Edited ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer Is Way Better Than The Real One

It didn’t need “Sabotage” to be a good trailer in the first place

Let’s face it: the Star Trek Beyond trailer isn’t exactly a crowd pleaser. It’s downright awful, actually, with ill-timed comedic quips, the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” blaring over generic dialogue and silliness that would obviously make more sense in something faster and decidedly more furious.

It’s lost a lot of what the previous two films had as far as the tone of the trailer goes, and it’s understandable why some Star Trek fans may not be too partial to the trailer. That’s why this fan recut of the the trailer is so great.

YouTuber JVLfilms did a fantastic job of putting together a new vision of the trailer with some great editing and other touches that make this version seem much closer to the Star Trek movie we were hoping we’d get after the previous installments.

Seriously, it’s awesome. Give it a watch below. 

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