The Super Bowl Sharks Have Jumped Themselves

Stop the madness. 

Ah, the life cycle of a meme.

On Sunday, we were mesmerized by the two dancing sharks at the Super Bowl halftime show. On Monday, we were still watching replays with relish and amusement. Then it all snowballed. Menswear brand Bonobos was considering a Kickstarter to recreate the shark suit, but rerouted their page to what’s essentially an email acquisition campaign. A different IndieGoGo campaign to make a shark suit reached its goal in minutes. Dozens of Left Shark-related think pieces, listcles, and parody Twitter accounts were born. A Google search for “left shark” – by far the more popular of the pair – yields over three million hits (“right shark,” by comparison, has sixty thousand). thought a Left Shark tattoo would be a good idea, because what better way to commemorate something stupid than permanently etching it on your body?

It’s sobering to reflect on their legacy and realize that we only just became aware of the sharks a mere four days ago. Were we ever so young?

Last night, John Mayer (musician and notable Katy Perry ex-boyfriend) guest hosted The Late, Late Show, where he interviewed the sharks and awkwardly attempted to dance with them. We’ll watch this, in the hopes that their first official press appearance ends the hype so that they can retreat quietly into retirement.