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December 13, 2022
The Dead & Co. singer/guitarist helped design a G-Shock inspired by his very first keyboard.
December 15, 2021
The Dead and Co. singer/guitarist’s latest G-Shock collab with Hodinkee is a $180 limited-edition timepiece.
December 8, 2020
Inspired by Mayer’s 1980s-era Casio keyboard.
March 31, 2020
“Drone shot of my yacht, it’s all I got, I’m all alone on the water…”
jason statham bottle cap challenge promo
July 2, 2019
Celebs everywhere are kicking caps and taking names.
March 28, 2019
“It’s not really supposed to be like a ‘flex’ as the kids call it.”
John Mayer Promo
October 10, 2018
“Bullsh*t is the idea that if you are a man, every woman you see, you should be able to get an erection.”
July 28, 2017
This is *almost* as cool as having Katy Perry say you were awesome at sex.
August 25, 2015
Text your dad, because Dead & Company just announced some tour dates.