Supermodel Gigi Hadid Has Some Strong Opinions About ‘Making a Murderer’

Read her impassioned tweets here.
(Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty Images)

(Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty Images)

Supermodels... We imagine them to be perfect specimens, impervious to our mortal vices like Netflix binging or, say, food. Nonetheless, supermodel du jour Gigi Hadid just caught up on Making a Murderer, the real-life crime drama that has America hooked.

Stars... They're just like us!

With her weighty social media influence, Gigi carved out some time from her jet-set schedule to blast her opinions about the show's contentious verdict on Twitter. Though she's a bit late to the party, the blond bombshell does not hold back.

So, the fresh-faced beauty has officially jumped on the Free Dassey bandwagon, which could be gaining real legislative traction. And with over a million avid followers on Twitter, her opinions are bound to have some sway.

Will the law side with Gigi on this one?