SVEDKA’s Flying Tomato

Cure your opening ceremonies hangover with this Olympic-take on the bloody Mary.

Did you fill your heart with all kinds of Sochi-filled joy this weekend? Did you drink every time we didn’t get a medal? 

Recover from all the Olympic madness and regain your strength (you’ve gotta make it until February 23rd) with this drink, inspired by Shaun White. 

SVEDKA’s Flying Tomato


1.5 parts SVEDKA Vodka

3 parts fresh tomato juice

.5 part fresh lemon juice

1 dash Worcestershire Sauce

1 dash Tabasco

1 pinch of salt

Tomato garnish 


Build in a mixing glass and “roll” from one cup to another, until cold and mixed. Garnish with tomatoes on a toothpick, add grated black pepper.

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