Watch the Totally Out There First Trailer for ‘The Orville’, Seth MacFarlane’s New Live-Action Sci-Fi Show

It’s like ‘Star Trek’ for stoners.

The first trailer has arrived for The Orville, the forthcoming space-set FOX series from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

The most striking aspect of the trailer—aside from the homage it pays to Star Trek—is that it’s all live action. Gone are the talking babies and, in their place, is MacFarlane in a geeky space suit and schlocky spaceship set pieces.

But the absurd humor and scenarios of his previous efforts remain intact.

MacFarlane has cast himself as lead character Ed Mercer, a Planetary Union officer begrudgingly made commander of the U.S.S. Orville. Together with his crew, which includes his ex-wife (played by Friday Night Lights babe Adrianne Palicki) and an alien who urinates once a year, he stumbles into various absurd scenarios across the galaxy.

The premise is tailor-made for an animated series, but we’ll see if MacFarlane’s gamble with live action works. It certainly did for the first Ted movie.