Throwback Thursday: January 2004

Check out what we were up to in January of ’04. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to January of 2004, when Michelle Branch’s ‘Everywhere” was always stuck in our heads, Faster Pussycat ruled the metal world, and we actually knew what Mutant X was.

Cover Girl: Michelle Branch

Where You’ve Seen Her: This pop beauty brought the hot-girl-with-a-guitar phenomenon back from the dead with her ridiculously catchy single “Everywhere.” Starting her singing career at the ripe age of  8, Michelle exploded onto the scene in 2001 with her album The Spirit Room, and debuted Hotel Paper two years later. Shortly after donning our flame-filled cover she married her bass player, Teddy Landau. If only we had tried out for the band before that bastard got the job.

Where She Is Now: Nearly a decade later, the Arizona native is still making music (when she’s not chasing around her 8-year-old daughter, Owen). While she hasn’t maintained quite the level of stardom she enjoyed back in ’04, we hope she’ll return to the limelight and jam out on her guitar very soon.


25 Greatest Moments in Metal

Back in the old days, nothing screamed “metal” like overly teased hair, a band of faithful, bra-flinging groupies, and Fed-Exed paraphernalia (cue Faster Pussycat’s Sex Drugs & Rock n’ Roll). Now, metal, and everything that comes along with it, has taken a backseat to fist-pumping house music remixed by celebrity DJs. Sure, maybe Ozzy currently sounds like a stroke victim and David Lee Roth’s Farrah Fawcett hair didn’t age the way we wanted it to, but we’d rather live in the past on this one and relish in the Metal Gods’ reign.

Bad Kitty

There’s no question as to why we were smitten’ over Victoria Pratt in 2004. With her long golden hair, pouty lips, and a body that just wouldn’t quit, we’re still surprised we managed to get through the interview in one piece. We’re also surprised that we seemingly thought that her show, Mutant X – a short-lived series about a future geneticist and his self-made creations (think Weird Science without the squeaky adolescent voices and stellar graphics) – was going to be a big hit. Nine years later, we don’t have any memory of Mutant X whatsoever. Let’s just say it was no Game of Thrones.

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