Watch the Minnesota Timberwolves Mock Dave Chappelle’s Awful Shooting In Hilarious ‘0-For-30’ Parody

He’s ‘Brick James,’ bitch!

Dave Chappelle has left his years of reclusiveness far behind. He’s touring and scheduled to do shows in Minneapolis this week, and the Minnesota Timberwolves decided to welcome him in a way only Chappelle could truly appreciate: with a parody video.

The team posted a parody of ESPN’s 30-For-30 documentary style on its Twitter account earlier this week, titled “0-For-30: I’m Brick James.” 

Dave Chappelle
Sad Dave

“Brick James” features footage made in 2013 of Chappelle shooting hoops at the Target Center when it was under renovation. You just have to watch it to see why they riffed on his historically funny parodies of Rick James—the comedian does nothing but lay a ton of bricks. 

We’ve got to believe a guy who’s made his fortune in comedy will appreciate the NBA playing his game like this. 

Unlike Dave Chappelle, the Timberwolves actually scored some points here.

h/t HotNewHipHop