Listen to Tom Hardy Spit Fire on Unearthed Rap Track From His 1999 Mixtape

Who knew Bane was an MC?
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Tom Hardy Promo

We already knew that Tom Hardy could spit a verse or two thanks to his viral "baby rap" video from 2012.

Now, a Redditor has uncovered an 18-track mixtape the actor recorded in 1999 from a bedroom, and it's actually pretty damn good. Listen to its lead track, "We Make the Beats," below: 

Ed Tracy is credited with writing and producing Falling on Your Arse in 1999's trippy jazz-fusion beats. 

It's tough to make out a lot of the lines over Hardy's thick accent, but the lyrics definitely have a braggadocious tone.

At 2:25, a sample of some chick snorting coke plays for a solid 25 seconds, so there's also that. 

Pretty much everyone who commented on the thread dug it.  

Listen to the full album on Bandcamp if you feel so inclined, and check out a couple more Tom Hardy raps below: