Top TV Picks: May 2 to May 8

Will Ferrell on Conan, Modern Family celebrates hot moms, and eight teams in the NBA Semifinals.

There’s a lot of TV options to choose from. Too much for any one person to completely monitor, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to do our best to sift through all the listings and figure out what you should be watching every week…with all the highlights, lowlights, and guilty pleasures you can stand.

All Freakin’ Week

Check local listings, NBA Conference Semifinals (ABC, TNT)

It’s anyone’s guess as to who will advance to the championship series. The Chicago Bulls could make their first appearance since 1998, but the Oklahoma City Thunder just might bring the glory to the West. Our money is on whichever of the eight teams playing is secretly harboring a teen wolf.

Monday, May 2

11:00 p.m, Conan (TBS)

For weeks Will Ferrell has been threatening to come by and shave off Conan’s beard. Tonight, we’ll finally get to see if the Office star actually follows through with his promise. We’re hoping he doesn’t though, as it’s a pretty sweet beard. Plus, we’re fairly certain this somehow constitutes as a hate crime against gingers.

Wednesday, May 4

9:00 p.m., Modern Family (ABC)

Make your mom proud by tuning in for tonight’s Mother’s Day themed episode of Modern Family. Then disgrace her all over again when you watch as two of TV’s top MILFs—Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen—go on an outdoor excursion together.

Thursday, May 5

8:00 p.m. Community (NBC)

Community went from good to great last season with its game-changing episode “Modern Warfare.” In it, the gang from Greendale engaged in a full-on paintball war, all while paying homage to just about every action movie ever made. So it’s bound to be awesome when once again the cast–along with guest star Josh Holloway (Lost)—find themselves in the cross hairs of yet another paintball battle in this, part one of the finale.

Friday, May 6

9:00 p.m. Fringe (Fox)

The third season of J.J. Abrams mind-bending sci-fi series was its best yet—thanks, in part, to the insanely-inspired (or maybe just plain insane) idea to alternate episodes between universes. But, let’s be honest, this season was all about Anna Torv—the stunning Australian beauty played three different characters this season, showcasing her range and her, uh, best Leonard Nimoy impression. Three, indisputably, is still the magic number.

Sunday, May 8

10:00 p.m. CSI: Miami (CBS)

David Caruso and his sunglasses have found themselves in some crazy situations over the years, still it somehow took nine whole seasons for them to wind up in a plot point from Con Air. Sadly, Nicolas Cage is nowhere to be found when Caruso’s Lieutenant Horatio Caine (and, presumably, the shades) are faced with the dilemma of being on a plane that crash lands with a convict on board.

What To Skip:

Saturday, May 7

My Cat From Hell (Animal Planet)

The only thing worse than dating a crazy cat lady is dating a crazy cat lady whose beloved pet is actually a furry demon spawn that is hell bent on making your life even more difficult. The series premiere of this show, entitled “He Hates My Boyfriend,” not only features a cat behaviorist (that’s a real thing), but also chronicles poor bastards who are being edged out by something that craps in a box. Much like your girlfriend’s cat, we’re allergic to this one.