This Video of a Tom Cruise Stunt Going Wrong While Filming ‘Mission Impossible 6’ Will Make You Cringe

Damn, that looks like it hurt.

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Tom Cruise is 55 years old. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him. We’re not sure he knows it. The guy is an absolute action movie machine, still doing his own stunts like it’s no big deal.

Until it is. In this video of a Cruise stunt during the filming of Mission Impossible 6 in London, we see him safely tethered while performing a ball-clenching leap from a scaffold to the side of a building. It looks like classic Cruise, sprint and stylish leap, then he lands way too hard for comfort. 

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Cruise ready to kick ass as Jack Reacher (Screenshot)

The movie star climbs to his feet, but it’s obvious that he’s hurt. He seems to try to work through the blow, but his pain is obvious till the very end of the video, when he’s back on the scaffold and released from the tether.

Cruise’s earnestness is sometimes a target for mockery, but this is a man who has said outright that he does everything he can to really give moviegoers a hell of a show. 

The extent of the actor’s injuries are unknown, but if he’s basically okay, it’s even money that this footage stays in the film.

h/t Brobible