Watch the Hilariously Dramatic First Trailer For Michael Phelps’ Race With a Great White Shark

Who ya got?

We know a highlight of Discovery’s Shark Week is Michael Phelps racing a Great White. We also know that Great Whites can slip along as fast as 30 mph and the top speed for a human is probably 6 mph max. So unless the shark is on drugs, the winner is a foregone conclusion. 

That hasn’t stopped Discovery from hyping the event with a trailer worthy of a monster shark summer blockbuster and a title to match: Phelps Vs. Shark: The Battle for Ocean Supremacy. 

Which, look—that battle was won in general the first time a human speared a shark with a pointy stick. 

Still, the trailer for Phelps Vs. Shark positions the face-off between champion swimmer and some shark just out there looking for something to eat as an epic battle akin to 300 Spartans standing against the Persian army: “The Great White Shark meets the Greatest Of All Time.”

For Phelps’ sake let’s just hope the shark doesn’t decide he looks just like a tasty seal.

h/t USA Today