Watch An Exclusive Clip From Hulu’s New Comedy Series, “Quick Draw”

Who knew the Old West could be so funny?

Making its debut on Hulu next week, Quick Draw stars John Lehr as John Henry Hoyle, the new sheriff in the 1875 Kansas town of Great Bend.

A Harvard graduate who studied forensic science and a remarkably good shot, Hoyle is also kind of a dummy. In a hilarious way! Joined by a cast of characters that include Deputy Eli Brocias (Nicholas Brown), a madam-slash-saloon-owner named Honey Shaw (Allison Dunbar), and a hodgepodge of colorful locals, outlaws, and ladies of the night, Sheriff Hoyle is tasked with bringing law and order to Great Bend, thereby earning the respect of the townspeople, all of whom are betting against him. Like, literally – they have a pool going, and the odds aren’t looking good. There will be blood. And laughs!

Check out this exclusive clip from the show before it premieres on August 5th. And in the meantime, tune in (or is it log in?) to Hulu to catch the new original animated series The Awesomes, starring Seth Meyers, now streaming.

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