Watch Fat Joe Join NYC Street Rapper’s Freestyle in Wild Video After Knicks Game

Public Enemy legend Chuck D proclaimed Fat Joe a “man of the people” on Twitter following the feel-good encounter.

(Getty Images)

Hip-hop heavyweight Fat Joe is going viral ahead of his performance at Saturday night’s MaximBet Maxquerade Party for joining a freestyle rapper performing for tips on a New York City sidewalk.

Local rapper Kosha Dillz posted up with an amp and a microphone outside Madison Square Garden following the Knicks’ 112-99 win over the 76ers. Nearby spectators taking cover from the rainy conditions included Fat Joe, wearing an orange Knicks hoodie.

Not only did Joe donate $20 to Kosha Dillz, but he even took the mic and rattled off a few lines from his featured verse on Big L’s classic 1997 single “The Enemy,” as Bro Bible points out.

The feel-good moment caught the attention of Public Enemy legend Chuck D, who responded, “Let it be known @fatjoe is a MAN of the people… I’m fannin out yo” on Twitter.

Speaking with HipHopDX, Kosha Dillz described the experience as the type of fortuitous event that can happen anywhere, anytime in the city.

“I felt I shouldn’t go out because it was pouring rain and it’d ruin the equipment,” Kosha Dillz said. “But I thought this is New York City, and you never know what could happen.”

“I am 40 years old rapping in a rainstorm, dropping videos that hit 1,000 to 10,000 views for 15 years. Fat Joe was inside doing Verzuz the other week with millions, but he is ready at all times and I should be too,” Kosha Dillz continued.

“He helped prove not only why this is the best city in the world but also why he’s one of the best rappers in the world while giving hope to everyone else.”

For more information on Saturday night’s MaximBet Maxquerade Party in Denver, check out the MaximBet tweet below: