Watch This Hilarious Video of NBA Players Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves

Ah, the sweet apathy that comes with knowing that you’re making millions of dollars more than anyone who tweeted about you.

One of the most enduring segments on late night television has been Jimmy Kimmel’s tradition of inviting celebrities on his show to read mean tweets about themselves. He’s since opened them up to NBA players as well, and the third installment features the likes of Steph Curry, Jalen Rose, and Blake Griffin reading social media attacks on their characters, looks, abilities—you name it. Why do we enjoy listening to sweet Tony Parker come face-to-computer screen with someone saying “People say lebron flops. Have you seen this little french woman named Tony Parker? [sic]” Who knows, but we think these guys will be okay. They’re only making several million dollars more than any of the offending tweeters.