Watch ‘South Park’ Hilariously Explain NFT Craze in ‘Post COVID 2’ Viral Video

A grown-up Butters explains how to profit from NFTs in the clip from “South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid.”

The new sequel to the South Park: Post-Covid movie showcases a return to a coronavirus-ravaged, billboard-plastered town set 40 years in the future when Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are middle-aged men.

So is Butters, a, once shy, mild-mannered little boy who’s become a sleazy salesman hawking non-fungible tokens in South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid.

In a viral clip, he’s pitching the cryptocurrency-based digital art to chain restaurant workers at a “Denny’s Applebee’s Max.”

(YouTube/South Park Studios)

“With NFTs, you can give your customers unique, digital goods on the blockchain,” Butters says. “So much more than just food!”

A literal apple-bee and anthropomorphic chicken-fried steak are presented as Denny’s Applebee’s Max NFT possibilities before an employee asks if the goal is to sell the digital characters.

“No, stupid! We get them to invest in them!” Butters explains, further confusing the point.

“Exclusive, digital characters that they can have on their phones 24/7. You lure your customers in with some good pancakes and French fries, then you fuck them with some NFTs!”

The closing of Butters’ pitch also pokes fun at the bandwagon-nature of NFTs’ massive rise in popularity.

“And if you just believe in NFTs, then I believe in NFTs, and then they believe in NFTs, and we make all kinds of fucking money!”

It was just one of many NFT jokes made in the latest South Park special—another gag saw firefighters at a gory disaster sight leave the scene to go invest in a “small turtle with wings.”

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