Watch Travis Barker Transform Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’ Into a Rocking Pop-Punk Anthem

The Blink-182 drummer gave Adele’s hit ballad a hard-rocking makeover.


Travis Barker turned his drumsticks on Adele’s “Easy on Me” to turn the emotional ballad into a thunderous pop-punk anthem in his first Instagram post of 2022.

Wearing a t-shirt honoring classic grindcore band Napalm Death, the Blink-182 drummer, producer and Machine Gun Kelly collaborator kicks into the chart-topper’s infectious chorus with a tight fill and lays down a driving beat, adding an unexpected—but surprisingly apt—layer of energy.

Dubbed-in guitar tracks can also be heard—but not seen—on top of Adele’s powerful original delivery.

Fellow musician and collaborator Blackbear pointed out that Barker appears to break his stick after the final drum fill, to which one commenter responded by asking for a “full version.” Fiancee Kourtney Kardashian also replied with a simple “heart” emoji.

Off of social media, Kardashian cemented what Barker called a “dream girl” status by gifting him his dream car—a Buick GNX—for his 46th birthday in November 2021.

“When your dream girl gets you your dream car,” Barker captioned photos of the retro ride parked outside LA’s Bel-Air Hotel. His future wife replied, “You deserve the world.” Awww.

Watch Barker’s rocking cover of Adele’s “Easy on Me” above.