We Like to Watch: May 29th-June 4th, 2011

Meat vs Potatoes, Jackass vs Guy Fieri and Zack Morris vs the law: let the TV battle commence!

There’s a lot of TV options to choose from. Too much for any one person to completely monitor, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to do our best to sift through all the listings and figure out what you should be watching every week…with all the highlights, lowlights, and guilty pleasures you can stand.

Monday, May 30

10:00 p.m.Meat & Potatoes(Food Network)

We love a good pair here at Maxim. So imagine our delight when we discovered a series that chronicles one of the best sets of all-time: meat and potatoes. While potatoes sort of get the shaft in this brand new episode, meat reminds us why it gets top billing in the first place when baby back ribs and a 45-ounce tomahawk steak are featured. As Homer Simpson would so eloquently put it, “Mmmm, 45-ounces of tomahawk steak.”

Wednesday, June 1

8:00 p.m. Minute To Win It(NBC)

Sure, for any other contestants visiting the Guy Fieri-hosted, time-sensitive game show, participating in things like the Mad Dog challenge (getting breath mints onto a ruler by shaking them out of their box with your head…yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds) may prove challenging. But, tonight’s guests are Jackass stars Steve-O and Ryan Dunn, who have, among other things, drank an entire bottle of tequila in under a minute, stapled their own butt cheeks together, and bungeed in a port-a-potty for shits (literally) and giggles. This is mere child’s play.

9:00 p.m. Franklin & Bash (TNT)

In the series premiere of this comedy, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved By The Bell) plays an unconventional lawyer named Bash who gets promoted at a prestigious firm alongside his equally off-beat buddy Franklin (Road Trip‘s Breckin Meyer) who continue to play by their own rules. Their own rules, as it turns out, include playing video games at work and getting hot witnesses to disrobe on the stand. Come on, as if there was ever any shadow of a doubt that Zack Morris wouldn’t grow up and continue to be one suave, enviable bastard.

Thursday, June 2

9:00 p.m. NBA Finals (ABC)

Game one of the NBA Finals kick off tonight and we’ll see if Dirk Nowitzki and his fellow Dallas Mavericks can get a head start towards trying to win their first-ever championship title. But, seeing as the 7-foot tall Nowitzki is pretty much the Ivan Drago of the NBA (think about it: crazy blond hair, European descent, intimidating stature) their opponents had better be prepared: He must break you.

11:59 p.m. Childrens Hospital(Adult Swim)

Leave it to the demented genius of Rob Corddry to create a show that is both somehow more unsettling than Patch Adams and more hilarious (albeit intentionally) than insufferable medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy. Corddry and his truly twisted clown doctor Dr. Blake Downs return for a third season for more hospital hijinks, alongside his equal parts hilarious (Rob Huebel, Ken Marino) and hot (Lake Bell, Malin Akerman) cast mates.

Saturday, June 4

8:00 p.m. NHL Stanley Cup Finals (NBC)

The Vancouver Canucks are just four games away from getting the chance to skate away with their first ever-Stanley Cup championship. It’s not in our nature to root against America, but there’s just something so deeply sad about a Canadian team without a Stanley Cup victory to their name. So, go ahead and take this one if you must, Canucks, but that in no way means we’re going to ever stop making fun of you or your native land’s hilarious accents, eh.

What To Skip

Monday, May 30

10:00 p.m. Khloe & Lamar(E!)

That embarrassing game against the Mavs in the playoffs was only the second worst thing to happen to Lakers star Lamar Odom this year. That’s because–and see if you can spot all the horrific items in this sentence– he’s the latter half of this Ryan Seacrest-produced reality spin-off which chronicles his marriage to not-Kim Kardashian (i.e. her younger sister Khloe Kardashian), whom he wed after weeks of dating. Mercifully, the season comes to an end tonight and this time the highlights won’t wind up on SportsCenter.