What to Watch This Week: April 18th to April 23rd, 2011

Our top TV picks: Previews of Cougar Town, Mythbusters, The Office and more.

There’s a lot of TV options to choose from. Too much for any one person to completely monitor, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to do our best to sift through all the listings and figure out what you should be watching every week…with all the highlights, lowlights, and guilty pleasures you can stand.

All Freakin’ Week

Check local listings for times, NBA Playoffs (TNT)

Writing this edition of “We Like To Watch” almost seemed futile considering the NBA playoffs are on this week (your DVR will work harder than every team hell-bent on not allowing the Los Angeles Lakers to three-peat.) So get the ass grooves in your couches ready, gentleman, in addition to plenty of good TV, we’ve got a week’s worth of great basketball ahead of us.

Monday, April 18

9:30 p.m. Cougar Town(ABC)

There’s no shame in admitting you missed “Cougar Town” Sure, it’s no CougarLife.com, but what is? After a far-too-long-hiatus (damn you, Matthew Perry and your sparingly funny, cougar-free show “Mr. Sunshine”), the series picks up pretty much exactly where it left off—with Courteney Cox’s character Jules being possessive and drinking a ton of wine, while the rest of the gang is busy playing the game we desperately wished we’d thought of, Penny Can.

Wednesday, April 20

9:00 p.m. Mythbusters(Discovery)

It’s fitting that this particular episode of “Mythbusters” falls on 4/20. After all, not unlike many people who, uh, celebrate this holiday, Adam and Jamie attempt to walk on water, while Kari, Grant, and Tory experiment with bomb-proofing common items. Hypothesis: On 4/20, people who don’t have their own TV show with medical staff on-hand should totally see if they can bomb-proof their toaster oven or run across their pool. Conclusion: They will be missed by their loved ones.

Thursday, April 21

9:00 p.m. The Office (NBC)

As if DeAngelo Vickers (guest star Will Ferrell) didn’t have big enough shoes to fill with Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) impending departure, now he’s got to take over legendary train wrecks that are the Dundie Awards. Will he host it at Chili’s? Will he dare to retire such classic characters as Ping? Will Michael sit idly by and watch? Doubtful. But, much like the Dundies themselves, we’re going to soak in every delightfully awkward moment of it.

Friday, April 22

9:00 p.m. Talking Funny(HBO)

What happens when you get four stellar comedians—Ricky Gervais, Louis C.K, Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld—together in a room to shoot the shit about their craft? A seriously funny, uncensored, and insightful conversation about what it’s like to be truly hilarious from guys who know that better than anybody else.

12:35 a.m. The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (CBS)

Typically when it comes to late night talk show viewing, Maxim looks for the double whammy of hot and funny guests (one funny, one hot, and on very special nights, one hot/funny guest a la Olivia Munn. But, there’s certainly no complaints when there’s hot and hotter on the line-up, much like there will be this evening when lucky bastard Craig Ferguson sits down with both Karen Gillan and Diane Lane.

Saturday, April 23

9:00 p.m. Road Kill

Take Drag Me To Hell and mix in the so-bad-its-bad lunacy that is all Syfy movies and you’ve got something along the lines of “Road Kill.” When a group of friends trekking through Ireland in an RV accidentally run over an old gypsy woman, the dying hag curses them by summoning a giant bird that will peck them out one by one. We don’t know what’s more absurd, the plot of Road Kill or the fact that it stars a legitimately respectable actor like Stephen Rea.