Which Celebrities Has Seth Rogen Smoked Weed With?

The actor dished on Watch What Happens Live, presumably while high.

Canadian pothead Seth Rogen, who is also an actor, appeared on an episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live this week, where the host grilled him about which celebrities he has toked up with. Highlights included the admission that he has smoked many times with Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill – a revelation that is about as surprising as the fact that Maxim has a beautiful girl on its cover.

But it was a surprise to learn that he has never gotten blazed with one James Franco, because, according to Rogen, Franco doesn’t smoke weed. Which is kind of disappointing – not because we’re advocates of marijuana, but because we were really looking forward to making a joke about Franco smoking the dank-o. And because it makes Spring Breakers a lot more difficult to explain.

Watch the clip above.