Will Ferrell Officially Funniest Man in Universe

MTV is declaring what we already know: the SNL-er turned movie star is a comedic genius.

MTV is declaring what we already know: the SNL-er turned movie star is a comedic genius.

Even though it’s kind of like declaring that the Earth is round, MTV will be naming comedian Will Ferrell a “Comedic Genius” at the

2013 Movie Awards

on April 14. He’ll be the first-ever recipient of this award, which he is getting “for his incomparable contributions to the world of comedy, including his on-screen portrayals of some of pop culture’s greatest characters.” Or, as MTV president Stephen Friedman puts it, “Will Ferrell epitomizes what it means to be a comedic genius, and it’s only fitting that he should be the inaugural recipient of this award.” You won’t hear any argument from us, and as a matter of fact, we’re going to use this award as an excuse to re-watch some of Mr. Ferrell’s funniest moments of all time. (Hopefully these clips will keep you satisfied until

Anchorman 2

hits theaters in December.)

SNL: “Celebrity Jeopardy”


What is one of the funniest skits in the show’s 37-year history, Alex?

Old School: Frank the Tank goes streaking 

We’re guessing he never made it to Bed Bath & Beyond the following day.


: Buddy destroys the “North Pole”

He sure was brave to take on bad Santa 

Artie Lange


Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

: Ron plays the jazz flute

How could Veronica Corningstone possibly resist his charms?

“The Landlord”: Pearl comes to collect


The Landlord


Will Ferrell


Will takes on pal

Adam McKay’s

little girl.

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards airs live on Sunday, April 14 at 9pm.

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