The World Wants Eminem and Kid Rock to Rap Battle for Michigan Senate Seat

Who ya got?

Eminem Kid Rock Promo
Photos: Getty Images

Eminem let his fans know how he feels about America’s current political climate with a fiery 4.5-minute freestyle that dropped Tuesday night. Now, they want him to run for office. 

More specifically, they want him to run against Kid Rock for a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan. 

It makes sense, sort of. We’ve heard rumblings for some time now that Rock—a diehard Trump supporter—is seriously considering running. Their diametrically opposed political stances would surely make it interesting. 

And since they’re both Detroit rappers with zero experience in politics, it only makes sense that they duke it out 8 Mile-style with an epic rap battle for the ages.

The “Batwitdaba” singer would likely get demolished by the self-proclaimed “Rap God” in a freestyle battle, but both have their supporters.

Are you #TeamRock or #TeamEm? 

h/t: Fox News