Zoolander And Cara Delevingne Had the Ultimate Model Faceoff

It’s a walk off!
(Photo: @zoolander on Instagram)

(Photo: @zoolander on Instagram)

Derek Zoolander, the hottest face of the season with his upcoming Zoolander 2, does not need to prove his command of the runway to anyone. But if anyone can knock the blue steel originator down a peg, it’s British beauty Cara Delevingne.

So, when the supermodels crossed paths in Paris recently, tensions flared, and the cheekbones came out. Below, watch these two fashion icons spar in prime supermodel fashion—with a walk off.

Zoolander stuck to his blue-steeled guns, though Cara hit back with an expert slow-mo. Things got heated, but these are the risks of being ridiculously good-looking.

We ultimately don’t have to play favorites, as the two seem to have at some point kissed and made up. They toasted their new friendship with the ultimate hallmark of a new model alliance--a photo shoot.

Luckily, Zoolander has had some practice since his last walk off: