Applebee’s Is Serving $1 Margaritas All Month Long, And This Might Not End Well

The “Dollarita” is baaaack.

Margarita Promo
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Not all margaritas are created equal. When made with love and care, the mega-popular cocktail typically comprised of tequila, triple sec and fresh lime juice goes great with a basket of chips, a bowl of guac, and a beautiful sunset. In less capable hands, however, it’s an overly acidic glass of green hell than burns your throat and prompts you to switch to more dependable Mexican fare — like, say, a shot of good tequila chased by a cold can of Tecate. 

So it’s with some caution that we relay this bit of booze news: Applebee’s is offering $1 “Dollaritas” for the entire month of April. The casual chain first unveiled these super-cheap margs last October, and when tequila-fueled riots didn’t break out amid its happy hour barstools, Applebee’s unleashed the even more diabolical $1 Long Island Iced Tea, the $1 Bahama Mama (aka the “Dollarama”) and a comparatively upscale $2 Absolut vodka lemonade, for similar month-long promotions. But now they’ve gone back to the well (quite literally) with the triumphant return of the Dollarita. 

“Margaritas are extremely popular with our guests, and our Dollarita is the most refreshing drink money can buy,” Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s, said in a statement. “We first introduced the Dollarita to America last October, and we’re excited to bring it back in April as a reason to celebrate the return of spring.”

Whatever you say, dude. Just don’t expect anyone to enjoy truly legit margaritas as they scarf down chicken quesadillas, mozzarella sticks and “double crunch bone-in wings” at the Applebee’s bar. The Dollarita is made from well tequila and a pre-made Margarita mix, and is served on the rocks “all day, every day” for dine-in customers only. So don’t even think about bringing any back to the office after lunch.