Bushmills & ‘Peaky Blinders’ Launch Irish Whiskey Partnership

The world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery is now the Official Whiskey of the Shelby family in the hit BBC gangster drama.


The Peaky Blinders have been known to enjoy a dram or two, and fans can now confidently raise a glass of Bushmills in their own tribute to Tommy Shelby and co. The world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery is now the official whiskey of the notorious Shelby family.

Leader and mastermind Tommy Shelby (sharply outfitted in a three-piece suit and played with devilish charm by Cillian Murphy) famously asks for Irish whiskey whenever the choice presents itself (“Scotch or Irish?”), and old bottles of Bushmills have appeared from time to time in the famed show.

The partnership kicks off in style — through St. Patrick’s Day, fans can head to their favorite Bushmills-carrying whiskey bar and order the “Shelby Sour,” inspired by Tommy’s cocktail of choice throughout the show. Better still, Bushmills will cover the cost.

Peaky Blinders

The hit BBC show is flying through its 6th and final season, with plans for a Peaky Blinders film on the way, but fans and whiskey enthusiasts can continue to toast Shelby Company Ltd. in the meantime.

The partnership between Bushmills and Peaky Blinders will stretch throughout the year, quite the impressive feat given the Shelby family’s love of whiskey.

Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders

Live experiential moments, an ad campaign and even the closely guarded launch of a limited-edition whiskey are on the way in celebration of the inherently bold, always stylish Shelby family.

It’s a natural meeting of the minds between a famed Irish whiskey company and the ingenious Shelby Company Ltd.

“The Shelby Family and Bushmills Irish Whiskey share stories of passion and perseverance in the face of adversity,” Bushmills said. “Bushmills has never wavered from its commitment to crafting great whiskey with a recipe passed down through generations of skilled and devoted whiskey-makers.”


Fans of Peaky Blinders would do well to order a Shelby Sour at no extra cost, but the next best thing might be the chance to stock your bar cart with Bushmills and whip up your own Peaky Blinders cocktail for a Sunday night viewing of the much-loved drama.


To make your own Shelby Sour at home, simply follow the below recipe. We have a feeling Tommy Shelby would be proud.

The Shelby Sour 


2oz Bushmills Original
.75oz Orange Liqueur
.50oz Lemon Juice
.25oz Simple Syrup
1 Mint Sprig

– In an iced mixing tin, combine all ingredients
– Shake
– Double strain over Iced rocks glass
– Garnish w/ Mint sprig and Orange Peel