This Cannabis-Infused Wine Will Get You High, Won’t Get You Hungover

Tastes like wine with a buzz like weed.

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Non-alcoholic wine is no fun. It’s just grape juice. But what if you replace the alcohol with cannabis? Now we’re cookin’!

And that’s just what Rebel Coast winery in California decided to do. 

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Rebel Coast is revving up to begin sales in January of an alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc. They’ve replaced that good stuff with 16 mgs of THC, the other good stuff in marijuana that gets you high. 

Every serving, says Rebel Coast, will contain about 4 milligrams, which will not have you “thinking your couch is a hippo with short legs or anything.” Their goal “is not to kill you after you’ve had a few glasses. The goal is to get giggly and naked with someone.”

Which, hell yes. 

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An issue some encounter with any edible cannabis food or drink is that weedy-ass taste. Rebel Coast says the palate for this wine is “cannabis, lemongrass, lavender and citrus,” with that vital white wine note as well.

The wine will go on sale at the beginning of 2018 for $59.99, and will be legal for recreational drinking in Alaska, California, Maine, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Washington, DC. 

As its weed wine becomes available in states where it’s legal, Rebel Coast will add rose and sparkling flavors as well.

Unless they issue a boxed version we’re calling it: the weed revolution suddenly seems a little classier than before. 

h/t Moneyish