Corazón Tequila 6-Bottle Collection Features First Añejos Aged In French Oak & Ex-Bourbon Barrels

Showcasing a premium partnership between Buffalo Trace bourbon and Mexico’s fourth-oldest tequila distillery.

(Corazon Tequila)

Corazón Tequila just dropped its latest Expresiones del Corazón Collection, which highlights the boozy partnership between Casa San Matías, Mexico’s fourth oldest tequila distillery, and venerable bourbon brand Buffalo Trace.

The limited edition drop features six premium tequilas, including two new añejos aged in French oak and ex-Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon barrels for the first time ever. Returning tequilas include Artisanal Blanco, William Larue Weller, George T. Stagg and Sazerac 18 Year Old Rye Añejo.

(Corazon Tequila)

Buffalo Trace further breaks down the 80-proof Expresiones del Corazón line here:

Corazón Weller 12 Añejo Tequila (NEW): matured for 26 months in ex-Weller 12 Kentucky Straight Bourbon barrels, where some of the finest bourbon at Buffalo Trace Distillery rested for 12 years, this añejo is moderately sweet with heavily cooked agave, toasted vanilla and a silky-yet-intense oak finish.
Corazón French Oak Añejo Tequila (NEW): aged for at least 13 months in French oak barrels that formerly aged Old Charter Oak French Oak bourbon, the resulting liquid offers aromas of rich oak and vanilla and a smooth and lightly-sweet taste offering hints of cooked agave, apple and caramel.
Corazón Sazerac Rye 18 Añejo Tequila: 24 months of aging in barrels that formerly held Sazerac Rye for 18 years has produced a moderately sweet tequila with strong hints of fresh fruit met with notes of oak, caramel, almond and cinnamon.
Corazón George T. Stagg Añejo Tequila: 22 months of maturation in barrels that previously aged the high-proof George T. Stagg bourbon has resulted in salted caramel flavors that burst on the tongue followed by charred pineapple that slowly transforms to tobacco, leaving a sweet-yet-smoky lingering flavor.
Corazón William Larue Weller Añejo Tequila: 15 months of aging in barrels that formerly held this beloved wheated bourbon has created a harmoniously smooth and dense tequila with lightly-sweet undertones.  The taster is greeted with aromas of wood, caramel and almond, then met with notes of chocolate, intense vanilla, nut, eucalyptus and chamomile.
Corazón Artisanal Small Batch Blanco Tequila: this premium blanco tequila is the extraordinary base spirit created by the artisans at Casa San Matias specifically for the Expresiones del Corazón Collection. Utilizing the finest estate-grown agave with a higher sugar content and artisanal distillation techniques, the result is a refined liquid with a sweet, gentle flavor and powerful notes of cooked agave intertwined with hints of citrus and green apple.

The Expresiones del Corazón line has raked in several awards over the years, including a Gold medal for Corazón William Larue Weller Añejo at the 2022 International Spirits Challenge, a Gold medal for Corazón Artisanal Blanco at the 2022 TAG Global Spirits Awards, and Silver medals for Corazón Artisanal Blanco and Corazón George T. Stagg Añejo Tequila at the 2022 International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Each tequila is sold separately in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection’s signature glass bottle with a cork stopper and handwritten label detailing the barrel, bottle number and date of bottling.

The Expresiones del Corazón 2023 Collection is available now at select retailers, bars and restaurants across the U.S. The William Larue Weller, Weller 12, French Oak, George T. Stagg and Sazerac Rye 18 year Old Añejos are $79.99 each, while the Artisanal Blanco goes for $59.99 per bottle.