Dewar’s Reimagines Traditional Scotch with Latest Cask Release

This exquisitely aged Scotch is finished in Portuguese ruby port casks.


Regardless of the tried-and-true staples that fill your bar cart, there’s always room for improvement and innovation, which bring us to the latest Dewar’s release for your consideration: Dewar’s 8-Year Portuguese Smooth cask-finished whisky.

Consider the new release (which drops today online and in stores nationwide) as the best of both worlds from Dewar’s, using a double-aged, 8-year-old Scotch whisky and a finishing process that involves Portuguese ruby port casks. It’s a unique marriage that should convince Scotch enthusiasts and skeptics to give the expression a try, especially at an affordable price of $21.99.


It’s got a character and depth that’s smooth and balanced, and Dewar’s says that flavor notes range from freshly sliced apricots to honeydew melon and red cherries, which aren’t typically f in a traditional Scotch. 

Flavor notes of vanilla and black currant also shine through, making for a seriously delicious tasting experience that’s probably unlike any Scotch whisky you’ve tried. The new release continues the Dewar’s run of double-aged, blended Scotch finished in casks, which also includes Caribbean Smooth and Ilegal Smooth.

Fans of the brand are also in for a behind-the-scenes look at Dewar’s through a virtual class designed to take attendees to Scotland and Portugal in an homage to the launch. The class will be led by Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie MacLeod and renowned chef George Mendes, formerly head chef at New York City’s Portuguese hotspot Aldea.

Make space in your bar cart ASAP.