Dom Pérignon & Celebrity Chef Francis Mallmann Launch Luxe Hamptons Culinary Experience

The famed Champagne house is hosting an elite dinner series with a legendary chef.

(Photo: Hedgerow Exclusive Properties)

Dom Pérignon and Argentine superchef Francis Mallmann are joining forces for an exclusive series of Champagne-fueled feasts in The Hamptons next month. The dinners will take place on an “undisclosed private estate” on the upscale Long Island enclave from July 19-21 and are set to be overseen by Mallmann, who is renowned for his elevated open-fire cooking techniques. The posh culinary collab will also unveil the latest vintages from the famed Champagne house, Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015 and Vintage 2006 Plénitude 2 (P2).

A Dom spokesperson shared more details about the exclusive Champagne dinner series here:

Upon arrival to the 21-acre estate, guests will first embark on the emblematic Dom Pérignon solo tasting journey amidst the tranquil soundscape & natural scenery. After experiencing the singularity of the new vintages, Dom Pérignon & Mallmann will provide rare access to an unparalleled gastronomic experience. The Argentinian chef known for his distinctive 7-Fire cooking technique, took inspiration from the dynamic Champagnes and realized a menu that mirrors their contrasting profiles. Each dish, presenting an invitation to the complexity and prestige inherent in a Dom Pérignon Vintage. 

Dom Pérignon
Chef Francis Mallmann (Photo: Agustin Bean)

“Taking inspiration from Dom Pérignon’s latest creations, I’m thrilled to guide guests through a culinary journey where textures and flavors harmonize in unexpected ways,” Mallmann said in a statement announcing the dinners. “Each dish will be an invitation to explore the nuanced depths of these spectacular vintages.”

“This experience with Chef Mallmann allows us to create a space where we celebrate the balance found in opposing forces, inviting guests to savor the convergence of exceptional culinary and champagne artistry while surrounded by the stunning ocean backdrop,” added Vincent Chaperon, Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon. “This Dom Pérignon encounter opens the door to a world of endless possibilities, brought to life through the rare prestige of our latest Vintages.”

(Photo: Hedgerow Exclusive Properties)

The gastronomic happening, which is inspired by the “tactility” of the new Champagne vintages, kicks off with the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015, “characterized by its assertive, structured, and provoking profile.” Then guests will sample Vintage 2006 Plénitude 2, which Dom says “offers new world of viscosity, suppleness, and texture variations which enhance the sense of taste with each sip.”

Guests can reserve the one-of-a-kind experience by submitting an inquiry here. Each dinner reservation for the bubbly-inspired tasting event is priced at a high-flying $4,000 per person.