El Tesoro’s 85th Anniversary Tequila Is Aged In Fine Bourbon Barrels

El Tesoro Tequila and Booker’s Bourbon come together for a rarefied $500 bottle.

(Beam Suntory)

El Tesoro tequila is joining forces with Booker’s bourbon for a new limited edition bottle celebrating the Jalisco-made tequila’s 85th anniversary.

El Tesoro’s third generation Master Distiller Carlos Camarena teamed with legendary seventh generation Jim Beam bourbon distiller Fred Noe to age the special extra anejo tequila in Booker’s Bourbon 30th anniversary bottles.

“We are thrilled to introduce a new, unparalleled expression from El Tesoro to mark 85 years of history at La Alteña,” Camarena said in a statement trumpeting the rarefied collab.

“Fred Noe is a great friend and a true legend in the distilling world, and we are so proud of this new spirit we have made together. The result is a complex tequila layered with sweetness, oak and cooked agave. We toast to our friendship with the Noe family, and to honoring our shared tradition of producing some of the best spirits in the world.”

El Tesoro shipped barrels that previously held Booker’s 30th Anniversary bourbon from Kentucky to Mexico, and the casks were found to be redolent of rich vanilla flavors after having aged Booker’s for 16 years. They were then filled with El Tesoro Blanco tequila an aged for at least three years, and then tapped at peak maturity to make the 85th Anniversary Extra Anejo tequila.

El Tesoro’s 85th Anniversary Limited Edition Extra Anejo tequila will be available in the U.S. beginning in November for $499.99 per bottle, at least while supplies last.