Isle Of Arran Unveils 25-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch

The oldest Arran Single Malt yet.

Of any place in Scotland synonymous with the best Scotch on the market, Arran might at first glance seem somewhat unlikely: Isle of Arran Distillers operates the only two distilleries there, but that makes each bottle all the more precious, desirable and (undoubtedly) delicious.

(Isle of Arran Distillers)

And that intensive focus on high-quality Scotch should reach a fever pitch with the U.S. release of its Arran 25-Year-Old Single Malt, itself a nod to the first year Isle of Arran started production.

Only 240 bottles of the liquid are available Stateside, with just 3,000 bottles allocated globally — naturally, it’s the oldest expression in the Arran Single Malt core range.

(Isle of Arran Distillers)

Matured in ex-bourbon and Sherry casks dating back to 1995, Lochranza Distillery (on the north end of the island) kept a watchful eye every step of the way, yielding lovely palate notes of cinnamon, toasted almonds and fruit cake.

There’s also plenty of citrus zest via a touch of orange and mandarin: All the more reason to let cask aging take its time and impart a lasting memory on the liquid itself.

(Isle of Arran Distillers)

Distributed by San Francisco’s Hotaling & Co., Isle of Arran claims a relatively youthful spot among Scotch distillers, but the final product first gains strength through the rainwater of the region’s Loch Na Davie.

Arran Barrel Reserve has also drawn acclaim at Maxim for its richly crafted, forward-thinking approach to Scotch.

(Isle of Arran Distillers)

The 25-year Single Malt “encapsulates the wonderful fresh citrus character of Arran with a layer of maturity that can only come from spending so many years in quality wood,” said Lochranza Distillery Manager Stewart Bowman, who called the liquid “rich, complex, and delicious with a depth that we are immensely proud of.”

“It truly is the jewel in our crown and stunning example of the Master Distiller’s craft,” Bowman added.

(Isle of Arran Distillers)

Arran’s latest release also stands apart from other Scotch on the market thanks to a distinctive, crisply designed label with a modern feel.

(Isle of Arran Distillers)

Complete with a commemorative, handsome wooden display box, the 25-year Single Malt looks to carve out a new path for the relatively young distillery.

And with a scant number of bottles available in the States, not to mention an SRP of $789.99, Isle of Arran Scotch is a highly covetable addition to any bar cart: Keep a weather eye out via ReserveBar or select U.S. retailers.